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Hear the Lord's Word and Pray to Him

Prophetic Words

From time to time the Lord speaks prophetic words to us at LION OF JUDAH Fine Anointing Oil in Campbellsville, Kentucky. If they are for the general public or the church, they will be posted here.

Word From the Lord to His Church

22 June 2024

       “Worship is your life blood, just as oxygen is.  Come into My presence with praise and thanksgiving.  You lack because you do not ask.  You do not ask because you do not take the time.  Come into My presence with praise and Thanksgiving and let Me bless you with the hopes and desires of your heart. Let Me show you the way of obedience.  Let Me give you instructions and download wisdom that you would not have any other way. 

        “I love you, My beloved.  You struggle and strive, and all of it is so unnecessary.  You grieve and you weep and you wail because things do not go the way you want.  But did you come to me for wisdom?  Did I not say in My word that I would give you all the wisdom you need?  Just like My word says, you do not have because you do not ask, tarrying in prayer.  Wait upon Me, My beloved.  Open your ears.  Plead My blood over your spiritual senses and listen.  Be prepared to write what I speak to you.

        “So many say I do not speak, but that is a lie from the pit of hell.  The devil does not want you to know My thoughts.  So he will tell you that you cannot know them.  Again, that is a lie from the pit.  Come unto Me, all ye who labor and are heavy laden.  You have many directions you are going and you have many callings on your lives.  You have many responsibilities.  Do you think I don’t know this?  Do you think I cannot give you wisdom moment to moment, day to day?  I am able, yes, MORE than able to give all of you the wisdom and guidance that you crave and you NEED.  But you need to STOP AND LISTEN. 

        “Keep your hearts pure.  Live in forgiveness and love.  And your ears will be able to hear.  Those who live in hate and strife will be deafened by their bitterness and by the enemy.  But those of you who endeavor to please Me by living in holiness, forgiveness, and love, just plead My blood over your spiritual ears and know that I WILL speak to you.  I will give you ears to hear.  I will download all the wisdom and guidance and direction you need.

        “This is not a time when you can make mistake after mistake and think that you will succeed.  Time is short.  Speak to Me now and let me tell you NOW what you need to know.  Know that the things I have called you to will have an impact on My kingdom to bring people into Heaven.  Every person you bring into My kingdom will be a stone in your crown.  And I know you don’t really care about that crown as much as you care about the people you bring in.  So know that, your joy here on earth will be seeing those people come in and their needs to Me that would not have happened if you had not done what I’ve asked you to do.  So sit, listen, and be obedient to My instructions.  Your joy will be made full.

        “And why, my children, do you continue to drink milk?  If a 10-year-old was sitting in your pews drinking from a baby bottle you would think it was sad and sick.  And if it was a 20-year old or a 30-year-old or anybody older, it would be that much more pitiful.  There is a time to leave the milk and to eat the meat of the word and understand the deep things I have for you. 

        “Most people only have a shallow understanding of Me and My kingdom and the war we are in.  But you cannot fight the battles I am calling you to without maturing in your faith and laying aside the simple things of a child.  You must become warriors.  You must be knowledgeable.  You must be trained.  You must know how to deal with the enemy and vanquish him from your lives.  If you don’t do this, how can you help anybody else?

        “Many will be coming into My kingdom and they will be so steeped in the world that if you do not know what you’re doing you will not be able to help them.  DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN.  You must know how to get them set free of the enemy’s chains and to see them be filled with My Spirit.  You cannot be pew sitters anymore.  You cannot come and be entertained and just sing a few songs and leave.  You must be trained, equipped, and able and ready to stay and minister to those who will be coming in who need help desperately.

        “In this great last harvest many will be coming in who have been wallowing in the mire of the world.  There will be drug addicts.  There will be prostitutes.  There will be witches.  Do you know how to minister to them?  Do you know how to set them free?  Only I can do these things, but you are My hands and feet.  I need you.

        “I need you, My beloved.  I need you to intercede for them and teach them My ways.  They need to get free and learn how to stay free.  It is not enough to just give your heart to Me and be baptized.  The devil will not relinquish these people easily.  You must be prepared for battle and wage war against the enemy of your souls.  There will be backlash unless you have prepared yourselves.  There will be trials and tribulations in the world that all of you will face.  But you must learn how to handle these things with My wisdom and My strength, and with the power of My name, and the power of My blood. 

        “The devil is angry and full of rage right now.  He knows his time is short.  He’s pouring out his wrath, anger, and rage on My children and so many have been battling so hard for so many years, but the end is not yet.  We still have battles and a harvest to prepare for. 

        “I am coming.  Yes, I am coming soon, but there is much to do between now and then.  Do not let this time take you by surprise and do not let this time be taken up with distractions and weariness and wallowing in the world.  You will have time to relax and enjoy some pursuits when I bring you home to Heaven.  But NOW is the time of war and NOW is the time of work.  I need you, My beloved. I need you now more than ever.”



Word for 2024 for the Body of Christ

Received 19 December 2023


       In a vision, I saw a man standing before an open door.  I heard the Lord say that 2024 will be The Year of the Open Doors.  This doorway was taller and wider than a regular doorway.  It would be easy to pass through.  Not only that, the door itself had been removed, therefore, no one can shut it.  There are no obstructions keeping him from passing through that doorway into his glorious future.  All I could see on the other side was a bright white and golden glow of light, the Glory of God, shining through it.  What is on the other side of that doorway is different for every person, according to the callings God has placed on their lives.  The only things that can stop a person from walking into that light are unforgiveness and disobedience.  If you want to hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant” you must rid yourself of both.

There will be chaos next year and turmoil, politically and in the weather.  There will be faction against faction and brother against brother.  But the Lord can help you navigate through all that just like He is guiding you through an intricate maze.  You must quiet yourself and shut out the world to hear His voice so you do not take a wrong turn.  But, fear not, even if you do, He can easily put you back on track.

This is not a year to withhold blessings.  Scripture says in Proverbs 3:27, “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”  Withholding blessings from others when God has instructed you to give will block blessings from coming to you. 


“Be kind.  Be generous.  And most of all, be forgiving.  Many people will be at their wits end and will be difficult to deal with.  Bless them anyway and return gentleness and love no matter what they say or do. It will win them over if you do so.  Recompense for wrongs has been withheld from those who will not walk in love.  I must trust you in the little things before I can trust you in the bigger things.’

“No matter what happens in this world, know that I can rescue you.  I can give you wisdom and I can wrap My loving arms around you so that the enemy cannot even see you.  I can provide for you when there is lack.  So ask, that your joy may be made full.  I long to dote on you like any loving father would.  You may not understand why I do or do not do certain things while here on earth.  You WILL understand My will when you reach the other side and will understand My workings.  In the meantime, TRUST ME.  I know all and can see all.  I know what is best even when you do not understand.’

“Rest in My arms, little ones.  Crawl up in My lap and throw your arms around Me and let Me draw you close.  You are My beloved, now and ALWAYS.  I love you!”



Abba Daddy

Word From the Lord to His Church
31 July 2023

     “Frustration has been at an all-time high for many of My beloved.  For too long it has been one step up and two steps back.  The devil has been working overtime to thwart the plans I have for you and progress has been delayed.  It has been overwhelming for many, almost to the point of giving up and giving in.  But I have released angels to fight on your behalf and come against the plans of the enemy to keep you from being victorious.  They will support you and do battle for you in ways you cannot see.  So, just like a woman who is giving birth thinks she cannot push one more time, for many it will be that one more push that has them crossing the line into victory and fulfillment of many dreams.

       “Now is not the time to give up.  You may think you cannot go on, but beloved, I would have you give that one more push.  Plans the enemy has to keep you down are being laid to rest.  He thought He had won, but I have other plans.  My angels and My Holy Spirit are removing road blocks and opening doors the enemy thought he had nailed shut permanently.  Just when it looks like all is lost the bright dawn of victory shall appear with favor and provision.  You must be tenacious!  You must have faith! 

“Did I not say in My word that I can answer your prayers beyond all you can think or imagine?  You are about to see that with your own eyes and you will be amazed!  The battles in the heavenly realms have been fierce, but dragons have been slain on your behalf because of your prayers.  Remember how Daniel had to wait for his prayers to be answered while a battle was going on?  Every one of you who have been praying for ministries and projects have had to wait for the same reason.  The enemy does not want to give up ground and the things you are battling for do not make him happy.  But you KNOW you have been called.  And you KNOW you are in My will, so you have held on, even by a thread at times.  KNOW that that season IS coming to an end and you will see the fruit of your labors and prayers.  Victory is on the way and it will be so sweet!  And great will be your rewards for your efforts and for standing in faith.

“Can you hear the rooster crowing?  Day is dawning, beloved!  Time to rise and shine and walk in your victory!”

Abba Daddy

Word From the Lord to His Church
23 January 2023

     “For many of you this is your “now or never” year. You have been in a season of preparation for many years and this is the year you must make your final push for breakthrough.
      “You are weary, but you must NOT give up. You are wondering if you will ever see the fruit of your labors. Just as a cake is slowly put together ingredient by ingredient and blended step by step, so has your preparation been. You are in the oven of adversity and pressure. But suddenly, you are DONE just like the cake and will be served to others in the ministries I have called you to. And just like the cake you will have a sweet savor and give divine satisfaction to those hungering for more.
     “This “more” is the life I can give to them as you impart what I have put within you. It has been a long time coming, but you are ready to be served and to serve.
“Therefore, I say REJOICE! Your time has come. You have wanted to be used by Me and be productive but have been in such a long time of preparation you wondered if that day would come. It is here, beloved! So again I say, REJOICE!
     “Continue to do the things I have called you to do in your preparation. Stay prepared. Study the Word. Stay in prayer and close to Me, for without Me you can do nothing.
     “You will be provided for in the endeavors I have called you to. I will give you wisdom, direction, and finances. I will send you helpers even as My angels are assisting you when you do not even realize it. I will provide connections and contacts you need to get jobs done. You will see things fall into place miraculously as you listen to My still, small voice for your directions. Piece by piece every project and endeavor will come together ALL for My glory and My kingdom purposes. The fruit will be heavy on your branches, ripe for the picking. And great will be your reward.
     “So press on and press in, My beloved. Your days of victory are now here!”
Word from the Lord to His Church
27 November 2022
     “Recompense is coming, My beloved. The devil has stolen, killed, and destroyed things in your life – your relationships, finances, health, and opportunities. But it is not over! I will have the final say. Everything he has stolen will be returned seven-fold here on this earth. Everything will be restored and then some.
     “Many of you have labored tirelessly in My vineyard for many years. You have poured your heart and soul into others and the things I have called you to do, only to see your victories snatched away at the last moment. But you do not see what I see, because again, it is not over! The seeds you have planted and seen sprout and then stepped on still have roots. You cannot see them, but I do. All looks lost and destroyed, but I AM the God of the Resurrection and I will bring things to life that look quite dead.
     “Still, you plod on obediently, denying self and giving to others. Still, you tirelessly come to Me in prayer on behalf of others who laugh in your face. Do you think I don’t see this? Do you think I don’t care when your hearts are broken by those who do not understand Me or what you are trying to give to them? Those seeds are still there as are the roots. Give them time and give Me time to bring them to fruition.
     “Many of you feel like you are throwing good money after bad. But I count every cent and know exactly where it should go. You are not responsible for what others do with what you give them, but only to be obedient to Me when I ask you to sow seeds of finances. You also sow seeds of love that look like they are not appreciated. But remember that many are just putting on a front and pretending not to care when you minister to them. Little by little each word or action of love is chipping away at their hearts of stone and one day a heart of flesh will appear. You will be so glad you did not quit sowing when that day appears.
     “So continue to reach out. Always hope. Always persevere. Never grow weary in well doing, for your rewards and joy will be great!”
Abba Daddy
Word from the Lord
Received 22 October 2022
     “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Does not My Scripture say this? It was true when it was written and it is still true today. I change not. My people wallow in the world and wonder why they are sick, anxious, and demon-oppressed. They open doors to the enemy out of ignorance and are thus destroyed. Confusion comes upon them, and fear. This is not what I want for My children. I would have them walk straight paths of righteousness and victory, knowing they are walking according to My will, AND walking in holiness. But they refuse.
     “They listen to the world’s music that tells them it is good for them to lust after the flesh instead of the things of the Spirit. They watch worldly movies and TV shows that tell them it is cool to be quick with sarcasm and disdain for others. They listen to those who actually sacrifice other human beings to buy the power they possess. How deceived these people are! They possess nothing. It is all an illusion and will not last as everything they think they have will be gone when they depart the flesh. Then it will be too late.
     “My children, I would not have you follow those who walk in these ways. Do not adore them and emulate them, but pray for them, for their eyes to be opened. The enemy they serve will not give them what he has promised in the afterlife, for I hold the keys to death and the grave, not him. He can give them nothing but eternal misery. Why follow these people, My beloved? Do not do the things they do or say what they say. Do not follow in their unholy ways. They are grievous to Me. It is even worse when you imitate them because you should know better.
     “Let all that you do and say bring glory to Me and My Son through the Holy Spirit. Let your thoughts and your words be full of encouragement and wisdom, salted with kindness and love. Do not entertain evil thoughts, but shut them down as soon as they enter your mind. For what you entertain in your mind will plant a seed in your heart and then will one day come forth from your mouth.
     “Be ye holy, for I AM holy. Partake not in the deeds and practices of darkness. Yes, there may be pleasure in sin for a moment, but there will be a price to pay. You cannot drink the cup of demons and then feast at the table of the Lord. It is an abomination. I will not accept it.
     “Many will be partaking in darkness in the days to come thinking it is just “fun.” It was not fun when My Son went to the cross to pay for your sins and gain victory over satan. Why would you celebrate his day? This is a matter of light versus dark, good versus evil, and many doors to evil are opened during this time. It is not to be toyed with. Can you play with fire and not get burned? So again, be ye holy, for I AM holy. For this is pleasing to Me.”
I love you, beloved.
Abba, Daddy
Word from the Lord
12 October 2022
     “Heaviness is on the hearts of those who do not study or understand My Word. They cannot understand it without My Spirit because spiritual things are spiritually discerned. They are at a loss without understanding the great promises I have given in My written word. They have no hope. They wander around looking for answers in places they will not find them. They are sheep without a shepherd. So sad is their state! How I long for them to come to Me, but they run from Me instead.
     “Yes, there will be tough times ahead in your future, but you will navigate them with help from My written word and My rhema words I will whisper in your ears. I give you hope and direction.
     “Pray for those who cannot hear Me to come into My Kingdom before it is too late. They are lost and undone. They are bewildered and fearful of the future. Every news story they hear causes them to faint internally. They are at their wits end even if they pretend they are not. They act like everything is okay on the outside, but inside they are quivering with fear thinking, “What if…?” They have no hope for the future either here on earth or in the afterlife.
     “Many of My children do not cling to My promises. Again, they do not study the word to find out what I have to say about their futures and how I can take care of them when they are in dire straits in the natural. Am I not a miracle-working God? What I have done before I can do again. You have not because you ask not.
     “Wrap your arms around My neck and cling to Me as a scared child would go to a loving earthly father. I can protect you and comfort you in the worst of times. I love you so much!
     “Share the hope you have in Me with others as time is short. There comes a day when you cannot work, so work now while the sun is shining.”
Abba Daddy
Word from the Lord
Received 5 October 2022
     “The things I have called you to I will provide for. You will not make bricks without straw. I know what you need even before you do. Do you not think I can provide for you?
     “I know I have called you to things beyond your means. That is where I can shine as your Supreme Provider, your Loving Father. You need rest. I can provide it. You need strength. I can provide that. You need wisdom and finances. Can I not provide that too? Ask, and it is yours for the taking as you submit your will to Me in obedience and complete the tasks I have given you.
     “I call those I can trust to serve in My Kingdom and then give them everything they need to do the things I have asked. So trust Me in return and you will be surprised and even amazed at what I will do.
     “Be like a child who knows it is going to be fed. And worry not, for worry is fear. Perfect love casts out fear. Let Me perfect My love in your hearts with a child-like trust and we will celebrate your victories together. Selah.”
Word From the Lord
Received 31 August 2022
     “Never in all My years have I been more concerned about My children. So much deception and distraction is upon their lives. It is like they are walking around blind, running into walls. They don’t know what to do or how to do anything. They are lacking in wisdom and steeped in the fear of man.
     “My word they do not know, for they would rather watch TV or spend time on social media. They do not know or use their weapons of warfare, so they are at satan’s mercy. How I long to teach them and give them guidance, but they do not come to Me.
     “They are lazy and complacent. How can they expect victories in their lives if they continue to live this way? They are selfish and self-centered, concerned only with the flesh and the world, while the world is going to hell in a hand basket. The devil doesn’t even have to try to pull them from Me as they choose his world instead, of their own blinded volition.
     “How My heart aches when I see them headed for trouble, but they will not heed My voice or My warnings. Because I have given them free will I must stand by and watch them fall into pits they have dug for themselves. No one is to blame, but themselves. They are undisciplined and prefer pleasure and rest rather than sacrifice and work. But the day will come when they can work no more and they will not have treasures stored up in Heaven. Eternity is calling, but they do not hear. I AM calling, but they say, “Later.” Soon, there will be no “later.” Selah
Word From the Lord
Received 30 August 2022
     “’Happenstance’ is not a word that should be found in your vocabulary. For nothing in your life happens by chance. I ordain and choose those things in your life that mature and challenge you. I ordain your victories as you walk in obedience to My word and the things I have told you to do.
     “Therefore, listen to My voice for your encouragement and directions. I will not steer you wrong, for I always have your best interests at heart.
     “Spend time with Me so that you can hear My voice clearly. Do not let the clamor of the world invade our Secret Place, for it is there you will receive your instructions. It is there where you will receive strength and wisdom.
     “I wish to touch your hearts and fill them with My love for those around you. Your love grows thin when you do not do this. How can you love others you do not know unless that love comes from Me? I wish to speak to the lowest of the low and the highest of the high. I wish to speak to those who cannot hear My voice. They need My love and instructions just as much as you do. Lead them into My ways of righteousness as you do this. It will open doors that have been nailed shut by betrayal and hurt. It can soften the hardest of hearts in an instant when you speak My words to them, for it shows them how much they are loved by Me.
     “Heaven and earth may pass away, but My words stand forever. One word from My mouth can change a person’s heart and life forever. Never forget that. In an instant I can take a person off the path to hell and onto a path to Heaven with Me for eternity.
     “Harrowing days are in your future. I give you words of hope and comfort. I give you words that can literally save your lives and the lives of those around you. Do not hesitate to share what I say to you unless I tell you otherwise. I have an abundance of things to say to you.
     “So unstop your ears with My word and then be still, for it is then that I will speak. Hold fast to the things I say to you and write them down. As deep calls unto deep, so I call to you, My beloved. Meet with Me and let Me fill you with all you need for that day. I have much to say to you.
     “I love you, My beloved. Meet with Me and let us reason together and prepare for your future.”
Much love,
Abba Daddy

   Word From the Lord

Received 24 January 2020

  "Yes, I say unto you, the time is coming when you will cast your money in the streets because it will be worthless. Your sins have overflowed the bowls and so judgment IS coming America! You are in a reprieve right now because of the intercessors I have in this land. But it will not last forever. The blood of the innocents cries from the ground and I must avenge it.

     "The wickedness in your high places [Washington, D.C.] knows no bounds, but I WILL bring it down. I am not the god they worship. They worship themselves and the evil one. It is him they serve and they are nothing but puppets in his hands. Their eyes are blinded by him and they know not their fate, but they soon will. Justice is coming for many in this land before its great fall. I will not let these people go unpunished. Maybe then they will bow their knees to Me. That is My mercy.

     "Those of you who have prayed and cried out for their souls will be comforted as only I can comfort. I hold you in MY arms. Yes, I am taking many home to Me in this time so that they will not see the evil to come. I will spare them. Their work is done on earth and I have new assignments for them in Heaven. Great will be their joy, so do not mourn as those who have no hope!

     "Honor and glory will come upon those who remain. But there will be those who detest that and be jealous. They will hate you as they hated Me. Be ready to be spat upon for My name's sake. Those who seek Me will find Me through you and you must pray for them and minister My gospel and wisdom to them. Be diligent in this so that when others try to dissuade them they will be standing on solid ground.

     "Hold fast to Me and do not miss your time with Me each day, for you will need My strength to survive. I love you!"


Read Jeremiah 16 and 19

Word from the Lord to the Church: Judgment is coming upon the church

Received 13 January 2019

     My husband and I were in prayer after taking communion today and the Lord told me to get and paper because He was getting ready to speak a word to us. We had been sharing dreams we both had last night that very similar that spoke of a huge storm coming and attacks from the enemy trying to thwart the prayers of our ancestors for us at this time. We must prepare, warn others, and walk in faith and we would see the protection and provision of the Lord in miraculous ways. There will be damage, but our prayers for each other will diminish the damage the enemy has planned.

     The first thing I heard was, "The days are coming when NO ONE will listen. They all will appear deaf." Therefore, pray for ears to be opened.

Then my husband heard, "My people, repent, repent, repent! Lay aside the superficial. Enter into prayer. Seek Me, not the world, not the entertainment. The time is at hand; the battle is real. I need My army to join Me in the fight." Next, he wailed in the Spirit. Then said, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

     After that, I received the interpretation of what was spoken in tongues: "Yes, repent, or you too will face the fires of hell. For I cannot allow filthiness to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Repent, I say, repent! Now is the time! Do not wait even one more day. Get on your knees and ask for mercy and I will pour it out without measure. Ask Me to change your hearts to have you desire the things I desire and abhor the things I abhor, to make My thoughts your thoughts, and My ways your ways. Only then can you be made pure and holy. Thus saith the Lord of Hosts." Then He told me to share this immediately.

Word from the Lord to His Church for 2019

Received 2 January 2019 A Call to Holiness

     "Oh, church! Where are you when I call unto thee? You hear Me not and regard My commandments as a weight around your necks. But this is not so! My commandments give you safety and freedom, but you choose the ways of the world instead. Do not think I will bless you if you do not repent and change from your wicked ways! You wallow in the world and then wonder why I cannot use you. You desire things that are not of Me and only fulfill the lusts of the flesh. You expect Me to bless you for this? No, I cannot.

     "I have set you apart to be different from the world, yet you keep going back to it. Come away with Me and learn to desire the things I desire for you. Let Me wash your minds with the Word and cleanse you from within. Look not at the evil in the world, but think things that pertain to righteousness and holiness. Only then can I lift you up!

     "Come away with Me and let Me fill you with Myself - with My joy, strength, and laughter. You let the enemy drag you down and then wonder why you have no strength left. This is not My way for you to live. I want to bless you and raise you up to greater heights. But you wallow in the world like a pig in the mud instead. You wonder why you see few victories in your lives, yet you refuse to walk in My ways. I desire holiness and purity in everything you do and say. So put away all filthiness of the world, all the witchcraft you look into, all the haughtiness and arrogance of thinking you can do it yourself.

     "Have I not called you to higher things? Yes! But you cannot get there yourselves. You must rely on My strength and My infilling you with My Holy Spirit. Do not resist Him! He is your helper and your strength. You cannot reach the mountaintop I have for you without Him. Yet you quench Him in your lives when you do not walk away from sin. This should not be so! You will NEVER walk in the callings and victories I have for you unless you repent and walk in My ways. Do not walk so as to regret what you have done with your lives when you could have accomplished so much more for Me and My Kingdom! You will weep and wail as I show you missed opportunities because you would not submit. I tell you now, be obedient, and you will rejoice instead!

     "I love you, My children! I want the best for you in all areas of your lives. I desire to hold you close each day. So stop running from Me and running to the world instead. It will never satisfy as I can. I AM a well of living water and I want to spring up in you and overflow to all you come in contact with. Yet, your wells are dry! Let me fill them to overflowing. Only then will you have the peace and joy I have promised in My word.

     "Be obedient, be holy, be diligent. And you will see blessings come forth you have waited upon for years. You will see the promises I have made arise suddenly in your lives. Meet with Me in the Secret Place and I will speak to you and show you things you know not of. I will give you strategies and wisdom that can ONLY come from Me. Let Me bless you with My presence and you will be a source of living water for all to see. This will please Me.

     "Commit your ways to Me every day and see what I will do! This year will see many trials and heartbreaking events will occur. You will need My strength to get through these. So, come away with Me now so I may prepare you. Only then will you be able to walk through these things in victory."

I love you!

Abba Daddy

From Abba Daddy to His Children in the United States

Received 25 July 2018

     "The times and seasons are changing. Be prepared to move when I say, "Move." Many are going to be displaced soon by forces they cannot see. But I am calling many of my own to move ahead of time. This way they will avoid disaster and loss. Do not be stubborn nor willful in this area. It will cost you greatly if you are.

     "Many blessings will be poured out upon you in the place I am leading you to. Though it may seem hard to leave where you are, I promise you will be thankful if you obey and regretful if you do not obey.

     "Many changes are coming upon this country [U.S.A], much upheaval in many areas. You will see many of these changes before the end of the year. Be in prayer over the elections. The evil one is endeavoring to infiltrate even more than he has. You must pray against this and pray that MY choices gain the offices they seek. I am depending on you. You will have the country you pray for if you do not grow weary. Join others in prayer and be in agreement, for agreement has much power.

     "Many of you are growing in strength and wisdom. You will continue to grow if you stay close to Me. I am preparing you for things to come even later down the road, preparing you to minister boldly as you never have before. I am increasing your anointings. You have already seen this and you will continue to see even more, exponentially more. Stay humble in these anointings as I will not have them defiled with pride.

     "Many are taking a breather in their ministry right now and that is because I have pulled you aside to purify and grow you for the next season. This resting season will soon be over. Some of you are already seeing that now as well as opportunities to minister find YOU, instead of you looking for them. But keep your eyes open just the same. Keep your spiritual "feelers" active at all times. You will walk into many situations where you may share My love in various ways. Stay "prayed up" and prepared.

     "I love you, my darlings, more than you can ever know. Rest in Me. Abide in Me. Great things are to come!"


Abba Daddy

Word to the Church

Received 31 August 2017

     "'Erratic'* and 'discombobulated'* will describe the days to come. If you are not firmly grounded in Me and My Word you will falter. You MUST know truth from error! I cannot emphasize this enough. There will be much confusion and chaos. This is of the devil himself and I AM allowing it. Come to Me for wisdom. I will tell you where to set your right foot and then your left. You must not lean on your own understanding because you have not walked this way before. All things will be shaken and turned upside down. It will be a time like no other.

     "Continue to pray for your president, Donald Trump. Though he may have some rough edges he is still MY choice for this country. Pray for him, Mike Pence, their families. Pray for his cabinet as well. Pray protection over them. Send forth the Host of Heaven to battle for them and plead the blood of Jesus over them daily. Truly, the Deep State, otherwise known as 'the enemy' is out to harm them in more ways than one. Pray that their schemes and moles will be revealed. Declare null and void all witchcraft sent their way, by the authority you have in Jesus.

     "You will have My blessings if you continue in My ways. You WILL be tried and tempted to take the wide road, but stay on the narrow path as it is the only one that leads to safety, as it leads you to Me.

     "Many plans you have made in My will have been delayed by the enemy. Rebuke this spirit of delay your life. I would have you walk in these things in My timing. Everything will fall into place. Many things you have been praying for will come to pass in this next season.

     "The new year is upon you quickly. Make peace with your neighbors and teach them My ways. Many have been brought into your life for such a time as this. Do not neglect My love to them. They are ripe for the picking. Go out of your way for them. Many will be brought into the kingdom because of your efforts.

     "Purify yourselves from the world. Many things you still expose yourself to are putting weight on your soul that does not need to be there. With the things that are coming upon this earth you will not be able to carry that weight and do the things I am calling you to. I will give you grace but I expect you to do your part as well. Be ye holy, as I AM holy.

     "Let your 'Yes' be 'Yes' and your 'No' be 'No' as I have taught in My word. Many are caught up in arguments that take up too much of your time. So many use social media to minister and it is My will that you do that. But be wary of the time-wasters, those sent by the enemy. If I put a check in your spirit do not bother to respond to them.

     "Remember that I love you more than you can possibly imagine. Let Me fill you with My love so that you may love others. Spend time with Me in the Secret Place and I WILL fill you up.

     "Beware and take care."

Unimaginable love,

Abba Daddy

Word from the Lord to His Church

Received 24 May 2017

     "My people! My people! Come to Me now! Come to Me and let Me hold you in My everlasting arms of love! How I long to be with you, but you run to and fro and take little thought of Me. How My heart aches to be with you. Remember when you first fell in love how you wanted to be with that person and your heart yearned for that person's presence? That is how I feel about YOU all day, every day.

     "You have no idea how much I love you! You have no idea how much I want to pour My love into you and give you wisdom for the days ahead. My children, you are SO precious to Me! I love you more than you could ever understand because I AM LOVE.

     "Soon, very soon, we will be together forever. But until then, do not neglect your time with Me. Is it too much to ask, after all I have done for you? Would that you would cherish Me as I cherish you. Come into My presence with singing and with praise and I will pour so much joy upon you, you will not be able to withstand it. Then this joy will become your strength. You say you have no time, that you have so much to do? Do this first and see how I will enable you to get your to-do list done much more quickly and efficiently. Test Me in this. See if it is not so! Did I not say in My word that the joy of the Lord is your strength? Am I a man that I should lie? Do this and you will be amazed at how quickly you get things done. Then spend even more time with Me and in My word that I may refresh you some more.

     "Take time to listen and I will tell you of things to come and give you wisdom and strength to endure. Take time to just sit in My presence and not even say a word. I will work mighty things into your spirits and souls as I call you to come up higher. Truly, YOU will profit from spending time with Me. Come to Me, my loves! Come to Me NOW! I love you so!"


Abba Daddy

Word to the Church

Received 14 March 2017

     "Indeed, judgment is coming to the church in America. She has a form of godliness but denies the power thereof. Did I not tell you in My word to have nothing to do with that kind of church? They offer pat answers to the hurting but do not have the wisdom to lay hands on people and take authority over the enemy who is attacking them. They live on milk and refuse meat. They think it is good enough to just get saved but do not take me as their Lord. They wallow in the filth of the world and in the demonic offerings in the media.

     "How can I bless a nation with so many people who call me "Lord" but do not do as I say? I have called you to be holy, to be like My Son, Jesus, but you refuse to come away from the unholy things. Your minds and hearts are not purified. I want you to love the things I love and hate the things I hate, to come into alignment with My will for your lives and not your own. I offer peace and blessings multiplied if you will do this, but many still choose the world instead. Have you no shame for the wickedness you partake in? You close your ears to My voice and quench My Holy Spirit within you when you wallow in this filth. The books you read, the movies you watch, and the TV shows you expose yourself to are not acceptable in My site. I am speaking of content that is demonic and dark. What you open your eyes to goes into your soul. I do not want witchcraft, sexual impurity, violence, and unholiness to be embedded in your souls. Feed yourselves on MY word and worship Me in spirit and in truth. You will not be able to do the works I am calling you to unless you purify yourselves and repent of exposing yourselves to wickedness. Be ye holy, for I am holy."

     "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Philippians 4:8

     "Therefore, come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.” II Corinthians 6:17

     "I will set no wicked thing before mine eyes..." Psalm 101:3a

Word to the Church

Received 29 January 2017

     "This is the year to take the bull by the horns and DON'T LET GO. Many of you have been discouraged in the past, not making progress in areas of your life I have called you to. Have no fear. I have called you and I WILL equip you. All you need to do is cooperate with My Spirit. He will tell you what to do, when, and how. Many of you are floundering without direction, but it is yours for the asking. You have not, because you ask not. Spend time with Me and I will instruct you. Did I not say in My word that you could ask for wisdom and I would give it to you? Many of you are overwhelmed with what is on your plates. You needn't be. Bit by bit, and bite by bite, you will accomplish those things I have called you to. Just like you would not wolf all your food down at once and become sick, I AM giving you step-by-step the instructions you need, if you will just listen. It is not as hard as you think if you do it My way.

     "Even when you don't understand what I am doing in your life, trust Me and trust My process to get you to your goals. There is much to be done. You will see how important each step was when you look back over the process. You may not understand it as you are going through it, but when you look back, days, months, even years down the road, it will all become clear, and you will have an "Aha!" moment when you see the wisdom of My ways.

     "Many of you are afraid to step out because of fear of the future. Will the economy crash? Will there be war? I tell you the truth, neither will matter if they do occur. Will I not take care of you like a shepherd takes care of his sheep? I lead you to green pastures and still waters. You will still be able to do the things I have called you to, maybe not in the ways you imagined, but you will be fruitful for the kingdom in ways you could not even dream of. You think you do so little. But every little thing you do for Me and the kingdom is great in My eyes. For I know your struggles and your limitations. I know how hard it is for you to even get out of bed some days. I know and I understand. But still, you keep plugging along, determined to do My will in this earth. And for this you will be rewarded greatly in heaven.

"I see you yearning for things you have prayed for. Remember, My timing is always best. You would not hand car keys to a 10-year-old, nor will I bring those things into your life until you are matured enough to handle them. And it may not even be you that is holding up the process, it may be a person I am wanting to bring into your life is not being obedient. Would I bring a bride who has been working in the garden to the altar covered in mud and dirt? NO! I would not! Only when she is pure, clean, perfumed, and dressed in her finest will I bring her. So be patient. And pray.

     "Do not stray from My written Word, My Holy Scriptures. It is imperative that you spend time studying it daily. You will gain spiritual strength if you do so. I will speak to you through them and give you encouragement. More than ever you need My joy to give you strength. Spend time in worship and I will pour out my presence upon you and it will give you joy. Things that would normally bother you will then roll off your back like water off a duck's back. It will guard your soul from the attacks of the enemy.

     "More than ever it is imperative that you forgive quickly those who hurt you. When I say "quickly" I mean within seconds, not hours, days, weeks, months, or years. Did I not say not to let the sun go down on your anger? The longer you hang on to offenses the deeper they take root until bitterness springs up. Guard your hearts and let things go immediately. Then pray for My blessings upon those who hurt you and you will feel My love for them rise up in your heart. Not YOUR love, but MY love, which is perfect and untainted. Only then will you have peace so that you may lay your head down on the pillow at night and not be tormented by negative thoughts. Go to sleep singing in your heart to Me and see how sweet your sleep will become.

     "Have no fear for this year. Yes, it will be eventful as there is much chaos in the world and in this land, the United States of America. How I wish it were not so divided. Again, pray for those you are at odds with, whether you disagree with them over politics or spiritual matters. Pray for unity in the land. Pray for Me to pour out My Spirit on the land and I WILL DO IT! Do NOT get into vicious arguments with others. Are you not to walk in love? Does getting sarcastic and snarky with anyone speak love? Let gentleness, kindness, and self-control dictate how you speak with others. This does not mean to be a doormat, but to speak the truth in love, respecting everyone you deal with and not putting them down.

     "My love for you is everlasting. My love for you is beyond what you can even start to comprehend. So do not fear Me. Repent of sin as soon as it is committed. Do not let sin stay in your hearts or minds. I desire holiness and purity in My Bride. I will give you forgiveness just as the father came running to his prodigal son. I am more willing to forgive than you can understand. I want NOTHING to stand between us to interfere with our communications. So keep yourselves pure. Watch your words and Let NOTHING defile your hearts or minds. Again, I desire holiness and purity in My Bride. Do not allow filth of any sort to contaminate you.

     "Rest in Me now and know that I have all things in the palm of my hand. No, I do not control every person in the world, as some have chosen to serve the enemy and I will not go against a man's will. But I do have YOU in the palm of my hand, under an umbrella of safety that will cover you. There, nothing can happen to you that I do not allow. So stay there and do not step out in disobedience. Walk the narrow path and do not stray. And trust Me, every step of the way."

I love you!

Abba Daddy

Word from The Lord for America

November 9, 2016

     "Ready or not, here I come! I am coming to change this nation. I am coming to shake the world. No longer will people be able to ignore me. Either they will be falling on their knees to praise Me for all I have done in their lives or they will be begging for mercy. Shaking. Great shakings are coming to everyone on this earth.

     "People are searching, searching for something to believe in. I have built this need into every one of you. Many find Me, but many do not. I am going to make it easy to find Me in the days to come. Many will cry out and I will pour My Spirit out on them in such a way that they cannot deny I have touched them and no one will be able to talk them out of it. Revelation is coming. Revelation as to Who I AM and what I have done for mankind. The Gospel will spread like wildfire across this nation. Times of trouble are coming but also times of great victories for My people.

     "Continue to pray and seek Me for My will for your life so you will be in the right place at the right time to receive My blessings and My protection. You will feel at times that you are walking on water with Me as the waves crash around you. But hang on to Me, keep your eyes on Me, and all will be well.

     "Get ready to move and do. I have been calling all to the front lines and now it is time to be activated. You have all been in a preparation mode for several years. Many have been on sabbaticals and alone with Me in prayer. Many have been dunged about. It was all for a purpose, to prepare you for the days ahead.

     "My angels have been dispatched to help you, to protect you, and to guide you. Keep your ears and your thoughts clean before me. Watch what goes into them. For everything that defiles you hinders your ability to hear from Me. Keep the channel open and clear. Spend time in the word to wash your hearts and minds from the filth of the world. You cannot help but be exposed to some negative things, but do not leave them there. Purify, purify, purify! Forgive quickly. Let no root of bitterness spring up in you. Live in peace with ALL men! They will know you by your love.

     "America, you have been given a reprieve. There will still be judgments and calamities, but I am allowing these to draw all men to Me. Yes, my kindness does lead to repentance. But you also have learned from the word that sometimes men must be desperate and void of anything in themselves to continue on until they come to Me. And that they will. It will be the best of times and the worst of times, for some. It will be a roller coaster ride, so fasten your seat belts. It will be an exciting time!

     "Spend time in My presence, in the secret place, to gain strength, wisdom, revelation, and your marching orders for each day. Let us work together to tell the world about Jesus and how much He loves them. All we want is reconciliation with our precious creation. We love you! Let Holy Spirit come into your hearts and souls.  Let the blood of Jesus cleanse you from all unrighteousness. All we want is to love you and for you to receive that love and stop running away from that love. As people often say these days, "It's all good" and that is what our love is - it's ALL good. Why would you not want it? When you do come to us and get a taste of that love you will wonder why you waited so long and wish that you hadn't. We long so much to hold you in Our arms of love!

     "For those who are already in the family of God, those who have been washed in the blood of Jesus and taken Him as Lord, We thank you for all you have done and thank you for all your prayers on behalf of others. Many have labored long hours and long years in both. Your reward will be great in Heaven! Remember the acronym J.O.Y. - Jesus, Others, Yourself. Keep those priorities in order and your life will be blessed beyond measure.

     "Now go. Teach others what you have learned. Disciple those around you every day, here a little, there a little. Let your light shine. Share what I have done in your lives with others. You don't have to have a microphone or a pulpit. Go into all the world and teach as you go. The church always invites people to their buildings of worship, but I say YOU GO TO THEM where they are. Pray that you will see others with My eyes and hear them with My ears. Intercede for them in prayer. I will give you assignments every day. Just be in tune with My Spirit so you know who, why, and when. I will guide you and instruct you as you go. Have no fear, I will be with you and anoint the words you say.

     "Get ready for a new day, America! We've only just begun!"

With love from your precious Heavenly Father


A Word from the Lord to His Own

3 June 2016

     "NOW is the time to come into My presence, My beloveds. Things are about to get rough in this old world. It will rock and reel like a drunkard and you must hold onto ME to keep your balance. Nothing will be the same. Life will not go on as it has been. The enemy has had his plans, but I HAVE MINE. He will succeed in some areas, and I will allow this. His own will have a rough time of it because he will not be there for them as I will be for mine. You have nothing to worry about if you stay in the shadow of My wings.

     "Be prepared. Many have been telling you to prepare for hard times and many of you have scoffed at My messengers. You have but a short time to change your mind about that and get ready for the times to come. There are times I will instruct my children not to open their doors to anyone. What will you do then? Are you counting on them for help? I tell you truly, it may not be available to you. What will you do then? Many will be wandering the streets and many will be armed and dangerous. Do you really want to expose yourself to that? What will you do when your children cry out in hunger or thirst? I tell you, prepare now, for you know not what day these things will begin. But time is short, shorter than you know.

     "I would that ALL my children would come to me for strength DAILY. So many of you struggle because you do not spend time with me. You have so much to do, and I realize that. Many of you serve me with a whole heart and keep busy doing for others. But don't forget yourselves. You need Me FIRST. Then you will be fit to minister. Never forget this.

     "So, again, I say come to Me and let Me refresh you and charge your batteries for the day. And then lie down in My arms of love when you go to sleep at night. There is no safer place and nowhere where you can receive as much love and peace.

     "I love you, My children. I cherish you beyond measure. I long to hold you in My arms. That day is coming soon. Stay in My peace and occupy until I come."

Word from the Lord to His Beloved

12 September 2015

     "Now is the time to prepare your hearts for what is to come. Many shall see My hand at work in their lives because of the prayers of those who love them. Many will bend their knees and take Me as Lord because of those prayers. They will KNOW who loves them for real vs. those who only give lip service to My commandments.

     "Terror shall strike in the hearts of many. But you, My Beloved, will know that you rest in the palm of My hand. Remember this, I have always loved you and I will always love you, yes, even to the end of time.

     "Casual acquaintances do not love like true friends. If you have been walking with Me then you already are My true friend. You know My love for you and I know of your love for Me. To I say, 'Come closer to Me while there is still time.' I do not neglect My friends in their time of trouble. I search them out and heed their every call upon My Name.

     "Soon we will be together in Paradise. Hang on until the end. I will strengthen you. I will not let you fall. To those of you who have felt like giving I say, 'Take My hand and pull yourself up. Try again.' For to whom much has been given, much is required. You've been blessed and now you need to bless others. Now is not the time to quit. You are closer to home than you know, Beloveds.

     "Rest in My care and stay beneath My wings. The time of trouble is here. You will see things you have never seen before and this world will take on a shape you have never seen before either. By that I mean that several events will be occurring at one time. It will be different for all people on planet Earth. It will be a time like no man has ever seen. Again, hold fast to My hand and I WILL see you through. Your eyes will look in wonder at these events, but let not your hearts be troubled. For I know what is going on even if you do not understand it. I know the outcome and I know you will walk in victory if you just stay close to Me.

     "Do not stray and do not wander. Do not let fear reside in your heart. Rebuke it and stay far from it. Know My peace and know My joy even in the midst of great trouble. It [trouble] shall encompass you but not touch you. Yes, sacrifices will have to be made and life will not go on as normal. If you have prepared as I have been asking you to do through My prophets, then your time of trouble will not be as severe. If you have ignored My warnings and walked away from wisdom, then you will suffer the consequences.

     "Get your houses in order and prepare for My coming as it is not far off. Just a little longer and we will be together forever. Be prepared to minister to others and lead them into My kingdom. Great will be your reward in Heaven if you do this. I truly want to say, 

'Well done, good and faithful servant' to ALL My children. Take this opportunity to be kind to others and minister in love to the hurting masses who will be all around you. Give them My love and share the hope you have in Me. Spread My peace wherever you go. People will be hungry for it like never before.

     "Yes, get your houses in order literally. For there will come a time when this will be difficult to do. Get your hearts in order and make peace will all. Purify yourselves from all uncleanness and wash your minds with My word. You will find it strangely refreshing in the days to come. You will cling to it and Me as you never have before. Be steadfast and single-minded to walk in My love and wisdom. You are to be a shining beacon of light and hope to a dark and desperate world.  Remember I love you. I have always loved you. And I always will love you."



Word to My Beloved

Received 26 March 2015

     "Spring has sprung. Can you not feel it in the air? Feel it in your spirits as well, My Beloved. For a new time has come upon the earth, a time of hope and glory as well as doom and gloom. Many events will be happening that you do not want to see. But even I will pour My glory out upon the earth. People will be searching, searching for answers in the midst of devastation. Share what you have found in Me, for there is where your hope lies.

     "Never forget that I love you and will care for you in the midst of chaos. Am I not the Lord thy God who cherishes thee?. So have no fear and come to Me often so we may commune together in the Spirit. I love your presence so, just as you love Mine. Let us spend time together in the Secret Place so I may infuse you with My Spirit. You will need His strength for the days to come and you will need His Wisdom as well.

     "Clean your ears so you may hear My voice. Quiet yourselves in the natural and in the Spirit so that Our communications will be clearly heard. There is much I long to tell you and prepare you for. Everyone's path is different and I need to speak to each of you individually. This is imperative. Come with Me and walk in the Garden of Love where we may whisper sweet things to each other and grow closer still. I long to hold you in My arms for all eternity. Come away with Me and listen to My heart. I love you."

Yeshuah Ha Mashiach

Word from the Lord to the Body of Christ

Received 10 October 2014

     "Fear is your enemy. Remember who it comes from and then rebuke it in Jesus' Name. Replace fear with worship and faith will arise. Many things are coming upon this earth that man has never seen before. It will strike fear in the heart of man, so much so that many will drop dead of heart attacks. But have no fear! I HAVE SEEN IT ALL AND IT WILL IN NO WISE HURT YOU! Stand fast in My Name and in My strength. I have sent My angels to protect My own. Fear not, little flock!"

Love, Your Abba Daddy 

The Lord asked me to read Jeremiah 51 during my quiet time today. Then He gave me this word.

Word from the Lord

Received 03 June 2014

     "Yea, the time cometh when the land shall shake and business shall be no more. For I have had enough of her idolatries and sinful ways. I will draw all men to their knees and cause them to repent and be saved.

     "No more! I say no more shall I put up with her insolence and rebellious ways. I have had enough. And the land can take no more. Yes, the earth shall tremble because of the ways of its people. It shall vomit them out and others it shall swallow whole. It is groaning with the weight of sin and so these things shall come to pass.

     "Be prepared. Get your houses in order. For the time cometh swiftly and without mercy for My mercies have been spat upon and taken for granted. No more! I say no more shall I contend with these people with graciousness and kindness, for it changeth them not, so cold are their hearts toward Me. I will do what I must do to get their attention when they will truly be thankful for every tiny bit of mercy and provision they see.

     "Gird your loins, for the day cometh for judgment of this land. I will tolerate her wickedness no more. As so it shall be." Thus saith the Lord of Hosts


Word from the Lord to His Church

23 May 2014

     "Trials and tribulations, yes, they are all coming. But so is in the midst of them. I WILL take care of My own. You can count on that. Come to me for peace and then just listen to what I have to say to you. I will guide you and direct you to places of provision AND places of ministry so you may reach the masses who will be desperate in these coming times.

"Reach out with My love. Come to Me so I can fill you up with My love. And as you go you will reach many. Always have an answer for the joy and peace you have in Me and be eager to share it with others. They will want what you have and you MUST give it to them. This is not a time to be shy. Be bold and reach out to others.

     "So many have been weighed in the balances and have been found wanting - even My own. Encourage them to return to the Secret Place to be with Me so I may refresh them. They are stale and dry and have little to offer. Come to Me with worship and with singing. I love it so! I truly do. It washes over My heart and soothes My heart from all the sin and grief I observe on earth. I need you too, My beloveds, just as you need Me. Let us come together and meld our Spirits again. Then go out recharged and ready to fight! All hands on deck, My beloveds."

Word from the Lord to His Own

Received 31 March 2014

     "Recompense is coming for My Beloveds. Surely, the devil has stolen from you. But I shall repay with interest. Many of you have cried out to Me concerning the unfairness of this life here on earth. If you only knew what was waiting for you in Heaven you would say no more. But here, on this earth, while you are still in the flesh, I have rewards for you, My people.

     "So many of you have labored diligently but have seen so little growth of the seeds you have planted. You have thought, "What's the use?" But growth is not your responsibility. Yes, I send those to water and even those to dung about, but some plantings refuse to grow because heart and bitterness that poisons them.

     "Keep reaching out, I say. For you never know which heart will spring to life at your touch as you share Me with the world. Many are desperate. Many are seeking. Ask Me and I will open your eyes to who they are. Listen, and I will whisper to you the words they need to hear.

     "Many have put walls up because of hurts in the past. Stand your ground and refuse to go there - analysis will do no good. Offer them hope, and healing, and life, which can all be found in My presence. Even if you have all the answers, answers are not what they need. They need Me. They just don't know it yet. Be gentle. Be sympathetic. Be loving and kind. But be sure you offer them Me by praying for them, even if it's just a prayer, I will touch them so that they will know there hope and peace in Me. They will hunger for more. Then you must water them.

     "Do not be afraid, for I will go with you and touch those you reach out to. You will be amazed at how little can go so far when you are ministering. I will take your loaves and fishes and multiply them exponentially. So step out and know that I can use even the tiniest kindness when it is done in My Name and by My Spirit. I need you. So go. And I'll go with you."



Word from the Lord for His Chosen

15 January 2014

     "Now I speak to you, not as children, but those chosen and prepared and ready to seek Me more. You have come so far. You have matured in The Faith. You have sought to please Me. You are ready to serve.

     "Take notice of the signs in the heavens for they will become more pronounced as the days continue. Take notice of the call upon your heart to intercede for those who still hang in the balance, for many have been found wanting. Ask for My Spirit to indwell them and cover them to such an extent that they ask for Him to stay. He is reaching out to many because of your prayers. But the time is short. Surely Babylon will fall and many will fall with her, never to be in the valley of decision again. That decision will have been made by them for all eternity. But there is still time, although short, to intercede for their souls.

     "Ask for Me to soften their hearts, to remove all spiritual blindness sent by the enemy, to open their spiritual eyes and ears. Ask Me to send workers into the harvest to minister salvation to them before it is too late. Ask me to visit them with dreams and visions and visitations, so that they will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I AM real and that I love them. Ask that they see Me at every turn, everywhere they go and everything they see, in the media and through other believers. Let them be awakened and not allowed to slumber in these, their last hours here on earth. Intercede in the Spirit and with understanding.

     "Name names and I will dispatch angels to them to minister My love and to send My Spirit to draw them. Pray for their safety until My chosen time for their departure. Plead the blood of Jesus over them and that they not sleep nor close their eyes to rest without hearing My Still, Small Voice wooing them to their knees. Pray that I quicken unto them that eternity is real and that they will spend it somewhere, a place of their choosing. Pray that I show them the reality of hell and the reality of their sin. Most of all pray that I reveal to them the reality of My Son's death on the cross, of His shed blood that has paid that penalty for them in advance, and that all they need to do is believe in Him, the Savior of their souls.

     "I would that they all humble themselves and call upon My Name for mercy when they see the reality of their sin and how I cannot allow it into Heaven. I would have them know My love without a doubt, individually, in every aching heart, and to know that they can live in that love eternally and not be damned to spend that eternity in the pits of hell separate from Me and My love and light.

     "Intercede, intercede, intercede, for the time is short, Babylon! Intercede for the time of light is almost over and the darkness will descend. Intercede for there is coming a time when no man can work for it will Pray for eyes that see and ears that hear."

Your loving Father,

Abba Daddy 

Word from the Lord to His Own for 2014

     "How many times do I have to call you to prayer? How many times do I have to call you into My presence? How many times are you going to go through trials that could have been avoided you had only sat at My feet? How many? Do not neglect the Secret Place. It is where I can love on you and strengthen you for the days to come. It is where I can infuse you with My power and Spirit to have victory in the things you face every day. Why do you go on in your own strength when you KNOW you haven't enough? Let Me do it for you. You CANNOT do the things I ask of you in your own strength. You need Me to make it, to be overcomers.

     "Many are the goals set for this year for ALL of you. This is a now or never year for many of you. Mantels will be given and assignments as well. Discipline is needed. Diligence is needed. I ask extraordinary things of ALL of you. I know are made of dust, therefore I give you MY power to overcome, but you MUST come to me DAILY for that power. Do not neglect this, My little ones. Oh, the dreams I have for you, the plans I have for you, the challenges and victories I have for you. Only through Me can any of these things be accomplished. Do not let this year be a year you regret by being lazy or complacent. Let this year be your best one yet by serving Me with your whole heart. NO reservations. Do NOT hold back. Grab hold of the horns of the altar and pray yourselves through this year for the glory of My Kingdom.

     "Much is to be done this year. There is no time to be slack in your responsibilities and duties. I need all hands on deck. EVERYONE is called to the front lines this year. Whatever your mantel is, whatever your calling is, whatever gifts I have bestowed upon you, you need to act NOW. NOW is the time. Do NOT procrastinate any longer. Take action. Be vigilant in prayer and action. Set tiny goals each day, one day at a time, and you will be surprised at what you will accomplish for Me. I will bless your every obedience with more of Me and all that I AM. Exponential blessings for every obedience.

     "You are tired of playing church. That time is OVER. Church will be what I planned for it to be, just like it was in the book of Acts. Only believe and you will see My Spirit poured out like wine over the masses. , and deliverances will abound. You've wanted to see it and I say NOW is the time you have been waiting for.

     "Keep yourselves pure for Me. Do NOT defile yourselves with the things of this world. They will drag you down spiritually and confuse your discernment. Do not partake in evil in any form. There is so much out there and I will open your eyes to where it is, but you must obey me in ridding yourselves of all manner of defilement. I would not have the springs of life muddied by the enemy. Be ye holy, for I AM holy!

     "Take on the new things I have been whispering to you about, the projects and ministries I have laid upon your hearts. Again I say, NOW is the time. Do not do the former things in the old stale ways. Behold I do a NEW THING in your midst. Listen as I whisper your instructions to you. Be ready to break out of your molds. Be ready to try something new. I want to take you deeper, deeper, and deeper into My Spirit where a universe of possibilities is available to you. I have warehouses of gifts and talents ready to be brought to you by My holy angels.

     "This will be a year of blessings from The Almighty, Me, Your Loving Father. I see your needs. I see your desires. I see your heartaches and the people you cry out for at My feet. Get ready to see MANY come into The Kingdom this year. It will be a year of a great many trials and catastrophes, but you will prosper and be at peace as long as you stay close to Me. Stray and you will regret every step you took. Let Me encompass you in My arms of love and protect you through all that is to come. Let the winds blow where they may. I WILL be there for you.

     "Peace be with you. My great Shalom and all that that means. I love you, My children. Stay close to Me and this will be a year you will want to remember for all time and beyond. I love you."




Most know that the Hebrew word shalom is understood around the world to mean "peace." However, "peace" is only one small part of the meaning. "Shalom" is used to both greet people and to bid them farewell, and it means much more than "peace, hello or goodbye"

Hebrew words go beyond their spoken pronunciation. Each Hebrew word conveys feeling, intent emotion. Shalom is more just simply peace; is a feeling of contentment, completeness, wholeness, well being and harmony.

According to Strong's Concordance Shalom means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full. In the obviously related Shelem means to pay for, and Shulam means to be fully paid.

Of course, there is only one way to find TRUE shalom - and that is in the Word of YHWH. Many for fulfillment, happiness contentment in material possessions, money, sex, entertainment, etc. But those things do nothing to fill "that little hole in our soul" that only GOD can fill! Those things only serve to distract and prevent us from finding true peace...the shalom that can only come from Him who created and put all things into place.

Word from the Lord to His Church

Received 24 November 2013

     "Take heed, My children. For surely the day is coming when the moon shall be darkened and the sun will not shine. Fear not, for I AM with you. Stay in your homes and give Me praise as this is going on. You will need My strength to carry on after this event. KNOW that you will have it as I will provide it mightily.

     "Changes are coming to this earth you know not of. Many have been warned but many are not listening. Take time to listen in the days ahead and I will speak to you of things to come. Much is at stake at this hour. Your families will all be changed in the twinkling of an eye. Nothing will be the same. Get ready for extreme changes.

     "Bow your knees to Me humbly and I will lift you up. Be ready to be used like never before. There will be such a hunger, a thirst for the word of the Lord. Get ready to shine for Me. Victories will be yours, victories you have longed to see, some for years. Get ready to rejoice for your prayers for others will be answered.

     "Be ready to pour yourselves out on My behalf for the good of others. This will take time and energy, but I WILL provide what you need. Be ready to share the word with everyone you meet as they will need it. They will be desperate for a good word and you have it to share. Reach out to all and I WILL be there with you." 

Word from the Lord to His Own

Received 10 July 2012

     "Oh, people! Can you feel it? Can you sense it? Can you smell the victory that is in the air?! Yes, hard times are coming upon this land, but victory too, in the Spirit. There is always victory in the Spirit but you will see it with your own earthly eyes this time. All the prayers you have put forth in My Name and My will soon be answered. So keep praying. Keep coming to My throne of grace boldly and often. Do not neglect your petitions to Me for I am about to answer them all. Bring me the impossible. Bring me the heathen you have been praying for. Bring them all to Me NOW and watch as I answer these prayers.

     "Ephesians 3:20 will become real to you now as you see these things begin to happen. Yes, even this fall when things seem bad on earth you will see answers to your prayers almost as soon as they are thought, even before they are on your lips. I know every thought and every need before you voice it, so much do I care for you, My precious little ones.

     "Yes, My precious ones who will rise up to become Mighty Warriors in these last days. Such an outpouring of My Spirit will come upon you, you will think Acts was just child's play, kindergarten, compared to what you will see with your own eyes. It is My desire to pour out My Spirit so that NO ONE will ALL will see MY GLORY and ALL will have the chance to bend their knees to Me before it is too late.

     "I love you so. I love you ALL. Even those who curse My name, I LOVE YOU! You have no idea how much I love you and want to bless you, both here on earth and in Heaven. All of Heaven is excited with what will be happening on earth. They are excited to even be a part of it. I am dispatching angels to help you in every way possible. They will show you what I want on this earth. They will work with My beloved as partners in this final time of harvest. Get ready for them. Get ready for Me to act on your behalf. You will be amazed at the things you see and the ways I will provide. All the miracles of the Bible will be seen and then some. Have no fear. I AM with you. We will go out and conquer even in the midst of devastation on the earth. The harvest MUST come in! So go. Go into the highways and byways and compel them to come in. Compel them with your love that comes from Me. Compel them with the miracles they will see. GO! And have NO fear. For I AM with you!"

Ephesians 3:20 (NIV)

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us,..."

From the Lord

United States Judgment Coming

Received April 19, 2011

    "My children, My children. How I long for you to come to me in the wee hours of the night. How I long to hold you in My arms and fill you with My love to prepare you for the days to come. How My heart aches when you do not come to Me. I love you so! Little do you know of what is to come. Yes, I have spoken to My prophets and will continue to do so, but you are not prepared emotionally or spiritually for what is to come. In fact, there is no way you could be, for it is My desire that you come to Me for strength when you need it. It is like sleep; you cannot store it up ahead of time. It must come to you fresh each day, just like My love, just like My tender mercies - they are new every morning.

     "You are coming into a time of great trials and upheaval in the earth, a time of tribulation like the world has never seen before. You have only seen the beginnings of such times in Chili, Haiti, and Japan. And now it is your turn, America...for turning your backs to Me and throwing Me out of your schools, for not teaching My little ones that it is wrong to steal and lie, for teaching them that prayer is hate speech. As I said in My Word, it would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and for you to be thrown into the sea than what you will receive for doing this to My little lambs. Many of you will be saved through the storms but many of you will come home. Many people will finally fall on their knees when they see the judgment that will fall - and that is My desire, to see them come to Me before the end of time so that one day I can take them safely home. That is My desire.

     "It has ALWAYS been My desire to have you be with Me. Yet you hate Me and spit upon My Name when you think I have abandoned you. No, it is the devil's name you should spit upon. He is the source of your grief and your pain, not I. I have loved you with an everlasting love, yet you refuse to come to Me and let Me be your Friend, your Savior, the Lover of Your Soul. It is YOUR choice, not Mine, of where you will spend eternity. And many of you will be facing that eternity SOON. Come to Me now while you still can. I love you. I AM pleading with you. I shed My blood for you. What more can I do? Is it not enough that I was nailed to the cross for you? I rose again to show that I indeed have the power over death.

     "Let Me take you from this life of death to eternal life. Let Me fill you with My joy and My love. Let Me heal your broken hearts and broken dreams. There IS a future of peace and joy if you will only come to Me. Ask Me to be your Lord. Ask Me to come into your heart and renew you from the inside out. Ask Me for My love and I will give it to you abundantly - pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. It is all YOURS for the asking. Come to Me. Come to Me NOW before it is too late!

    Word from the Lord

United States Judgment Coming

Received April 19, 2011

      "My children, My children. How I long for you to come to me in the wee hours of the night. How I long to hold you in My arms and fill you with My love to prepare you for the days to come. How My heart aches when you do not come to Me. I love you so! Little do you know of what is to come. Yes, I have spoken to My prophets and will continue to do so, but you are not prepared emotionally or spiritually for what is to come. In fact, there is no way you could be, for it is My desire that you come to Me for strength when you need it. It is like sleep; you cannot store it up ahead of time. It must come to you fresh each day, just like My love, just like My tender mercies - they are new every morning.

     "You are coming into a time of great trials and upheaval in the earth, a time of tribulation like the world has never seen before. You have only seen the beginnings of such times in Chili, Haiti, and Japan. And now it is your turn, America...for turning your backs to Me and throwing Me out of your schools, for not teaching My little ones that it is wrong to steal and lie, for teaching them that prayer is hate speech. As I said in My Word, it would be better for you to have a millstone hung around your neck and for you to be thrown into the sea than what you will receive for doing this to My little lambs. Many of you will be saved through the storms but many of you will come home. Many people will finally fall on their knees when they see the judgment that will fall - and that is My desire, to see them come to Me before the end of time so that one day I can take them safely home. That is My desire.

     "It has ALWAYS been My desire to have you be with Me. Yet you hate Me and spit upon My Name when you think I have abandoned you. No, it is the devil's name you should spit upon. He is the source of your grief and your pain, not I. I have loved you with an everlasting love, yet you refuse to come to Me and let Me be your Friend, your Savior, the Lover of Your Soul. It is YOUR choice, not Mine, of where you will spend eternity. And many of you will be facing that eternity SOON. Come to Me now while you still can. I love you. I AM pleading with you. I shed My blood for you. What more can I do? Is it not enough that I was nailed to the cross for you? I rose again to show that I indeed have the power over death.

     "Let Me take you from this life of death to eternal life. Let Me fill you with My joy and My love. Let Me heal your broken hearts and broken dreams. There IS a future of peace and joy if you will only come to Me. Ask Me to be your Lord. Ask Me to come into your heart and renew you from the inside out. Ask Me for My love and I will give it to you abundantly - pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing. It is all YOURS for the asking. Come to Me. Come to Me NOW before it is too late!

 Word from the Lord for America

Received June 10, 2011 

     "America, America! I longed for your repentance yet you continue in your pride. Therefore, I will have to bring you down, bring you down to your knees so you will once again cry out for mercy. I cannot have this sin anymore.

     "Babies. Millions of aborted babies. Their blood cries out from the ground for justice. I hold them in My hand. They are so precious to Me. I gave them as a gift, but you rejected them. So precious and so tiny. But you killed them and did not receive them. Therefore, My justice and My recompense shall reign. You shall see it not many days hence.

     "Prepare. Prepare your hearts for sudden destruction. Prepare your hearts for My manifest presence in the midst of this destruction. For as this nation shall fall My glory will rise. You will meet Me when you humble your hearts and thank Me for coming to you to comfort you in your day of trouble. For indeed, I AM a God of comfort and of love.

     "Justice demands judgment and so it shall fall. And great will be the cries of My people. For they have prepared and are waiting. But their warnings have not been heeded. They will take pain upon seeing the devastation knowing it could have been averted. But you, America, would not bow your knees to Me in repentance and humility. Therefore, great will be the fall of this nation. Devastation beyond compare, like has never seen before. Then see how haughty you are in this world. You have gloated over your prosperity and have known no lack. But that comes to an end now. In one hour it will be gone.

     "And truly those remaining will come to Me, finally, to repent and turn from their sin. But not all will come. No. There will remain a remnant of the hard-hearted who will harden their hearts even more during this time of destruction. I say to them, Woe! You think you have seen hell now? Bow your knees to Me or you surely shall see hell, the one I created for the devil and his demons. You were never meant to go there, but you will by YOUR choice, not Mine. Repent while there is still time. For you do not know what the next hour holds, nay, even the next minute. You may not even have one more breath left, so sudden shall this destruction fall and many others as well that will follow.

     "Man lives but such a short time on earth. But eternity lasts FOREVER. Consider your placement then - where will you be? It is YOUR choice. I provided a way for you to spend eternity in Heaven with Me - through Jesus, My Son. His blood will cover your sin if you will allow it. Do not go into eternity covered in sin, for I will not look upon it nor have it in My Holy Presence. It and you will be dispatched to hell if you do not come to the cross in repentance. Do this now before it is too late. You do not know when this sudden destruction will fall, but I do and I say the time is short.

     "So prepare NOW to enter eternity. Come into My presence and let Me cleanse you of all unrighteousness. You cannot do it yourself. Only the blood of My Son, Jesus, can cleanse you. You cannot do one thing to earn it or cleanse yourself. So come as you are and let Me do it FOR you. It is free and will cost you nothing. You will wish you had done it long ago once you have obeyed. Come to Me now while there is still time to find life everlasting in the fullness of My joy and peace.

       "Many wonders have been prepared for you in Heaven to enjoy eternally. Why would you choose the darkness and fires of hell instead, where there will be eternal torment and thirst? Where the worm never dies and the demons have free will to do to you whatever they want? It is not a place of joy and peace but of pain and loneliness and complete absence of My light and presence. Come to Me now, little ones, and let Me gather you into My arms of love where I can keep you from all harm for eternity. I love you. Please come to Me now before it is too late."

Word from the Lord to His Church for 2012

4 January 2012

     "The heavens declare My glory, so much so that NO man has an excuse for saying I do not exist. I do, indeed, exist and will call every man to account for his sins, those of omission and commission. They all walk a narrow path, though some do not realize that and every step off that path will have to be accounted for. I have a divine unique path for each man, for his own good, his own enjoyment, and his own purpose on this earth. So few find it and even fewer walk it, though none perfectly.

     "Remember where I have brought you from, the things I have freed you from and cleared from your lives. Remember the things I have healed you from and protected you from - even those you will not know all of until we meet in your heavenly home. Yes, there will be tales to tell of how your angels protected you from so many things on this earth. You will see attacks averted because of My Divine Mercy and because of the prayers of others. You will also see missed opportunities that you had to sin or go deeper into sin because of My still, small voice leading you back to the path. Many will be your occasions to rejoice as I show you all that could have happened had you not listened or been protected by your angels and prayer.

     "And now, in this year called 2012 on your calendar, there will be many more such incidences. Warfare has increased in the and so must your prayers and your obedience to My voice. It is not so much a path as a tightrope you walk on now. The enemy of your souls is after you every step of the way. He knows who are Mine and who not, and his pleasure is to make you fall. He will take you out completely if you allow him to. Stand firm. Refuse to listen to his whispers that you cannot make it, that you are tired of trying, tired of warring. You MUST NOT give up! Do not let him attack you through your flesh either. Take care of yourselves: eat well, keep your blood moving, and as you place your cares into My hands, sleep peacefully. Spend much time in My presence as this is where you will find your strength and your joy. You will need it desperately this year and from here on out. Do not be slack in this; be diligent. You need it as much as you need your next breath. DO NOT FORGET THIS!

       "All will go well for you if you continue to come to Me for strength. Great exploits are yours for the asking, so ask. Miracles will be seen like never before. Step out and do not be afraid to lay hands on the sick when I tell you to. Pray for healing. Pray for deliverance. I will protect you as you cover yourselves in the blood of My Son. Many will be set free and healed because of your faithful obedience to My voice. Go without fear knowing I have called you and sent you forth in My Name!"

Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Received August 29, 2011

     "Wretched is the man who will not turn from his evil ways. How I long for repentance, but many are set in their ways and not Mine. Turn from evil and repent of your sins, for the time is near when you will have no more time. Rent your garments in grief over your sins. Repent and do not return to them again. Be holy, for I AM holy and will look upon no unholy thing. Do not make Me turn My back on you. Come clean so you may come before My presence. There is of joy in My presence, you will soon need as you see the things coming upon the earth. Indeed, joy will be hard to find in those days. You must come to Me as the circumstances around you will offer you little joy.

     "Honor Me with your first fruits every day. Come to Me in the morning so I can lead you into the day gently. Harassment and distractions will overwhelm you if you don't do this. Welcome Me with each new day and commit it to Me for My glory. And I will gently lead you, step by step, throughout your day. And at the end of the day place all your troubles and heartaches in My hands. Do not carry them through the night. Forgive quickly and remember to bless your enemies and pray for them. Let Me rejoice with you over the day's victories and as I do I will receive your praise and thanksgiving as a fragrant offering suitable for a King.

     "Let us love one another in the still of the night - to relish each other's company when no one else is around, to come to the Secret Place as lovers do a tryst, to commune heart to heart, spirit to spirit, in intimacy and passionate love, without words, for words can never adequately express the passions of the soul or spirit. Let us rest in that place of intimacy and let Me refresh you as you do. Relax in My arms of love and let Me fill you with Myself, My strength, My power, and My love. Then, when you awaken, we will pick up where we left off the night before as you once again come into My presence to start your day. And so it continues, day by day, moment by moment, until one day, like Enoch, you will simply come home with Me to stay. Such is this walk on earth to be, an increase in our closeness until we can truly be one."

For the Body of Christ (concerning evangelism and teaching about the Holy Spirit Baptism and the Gifts of the Spirit)Received Tuesday, March 1, 2011

      "Never let it be said about any of you that you are not able. No one is requiring you to be perfect or have great oratory abilities, but only to be available, and full of My Spirit. Open your homes and your hearts to family, friends, and your own church members. Some of you will cause a fuss in your churches because they do not want to receive My Spirit. Some of you will be asked to leave. Prepare your hearts to shake the dust off your feet and then go where I direct you to next. It is not your failure, but theirs to be hard of heart and not welcome Him as they should. It will go on their accounts and not yours when the day of reckoning comes.

"Continue to pray for their eyes to be opened and continue to love them but when you are not welcome there anymore know that I welcome you and will be proud of you for trying. Let this be your time to come to Me for comfort and for healing as you will need it. It always hurts to be rejected by those you love, but remember you do have brothers and sisters who have been there, who have already walked this painful road and they will be there for you. Remember to forgive and to bless, even those who revile and hate you or your source of power and healing will be blocked. This is My will for you to sacrifice in this way and you will be blessed for doing so. No one who friends, or family for My sake and the sake of the Kingdom will go unrewarded. Remember, I paid the ultimate sacrifice with a horribly painful death on the cross. And I was spat upon and even mocked as My blood left My body. Remember, as I did, that they really do not know what they are doing and forgive them. That will be your saving grace or it will instead destroy you. Do not let their ignorance lead you away from Me.

"Great will be your rewards in Heaven. This time will seem like nothing in light of eternity. So lean on Me for strength, for solace, and for the joy you will need to get through this. Celebrate your victories and shake off their failures. Do not let them get you down. Move on and do not dwell on the past or the hurts - let them go and put it ALL in My hands where I can deal with it for you.

"Trust Me every step of the way. I will lead you and bless you as you go. Have no fear, especially fear of man. Be bold and not timid, for the time is short. Always walk in love and remember that sometimes it is better to just give someone a hug when they cannot be reached with words.

"Pray, pray, pray. Spend time in My presence and I will show you who to reach out to. Sometimes you will hear a name. Sometimes you will see a face. Begin praying for that person and I will open doors for you. Not all will listen, but all will have had their chance to receive Me or reject Me. I may send another worker of the harvest to that person or I may not. They may have sealed their eternal fate with that decision for I will not contend with a man's soul forever. But that is not your concern - it is between them and Me. Just do as I tell you, then leave it in My hands.

"This will be your shining hour. This will be your crowning achievement. No matter what you have accomplished in the past the best is yet to come. Some of your hardest days are on their way, but so are your greatest victories.

"I desire all my children to step forward for service - young, old, mature, or babes - you all have your purpose and I can use every last one of you if you are willing. Step out and do not be afraid. Step out into thin air and I will be there to catch you. Step out into places you have never dared to before. You will be blessed, more than you can imagine. Go, go, go into all the world and know that I will be with you every step of the way. I love you. Now, go!"

Word from the Lord (concerning repentance)

Received October 4, 2009

     "Hear Me, My children, for I am calling you. I am calling you to repent and to pray for the lost. Time is so short. Never have so many been so close to saying “Yes” to Me and My kingdom. But the workers are few and I need you. Do not spend time on worthless hobbies and endeavors – they will burn up like chaff, like straw, when it comes time for Me to judge your works.

     "Don’t you know how I long for you to come to Me? Do you not realize yet how much I love you? I weep when I long for you to come to Me, but you often have things you think are more important to do. Don’t you realize how I want to empower you and fill you with My love, an irresistible love that will draw men to Me like a magnet? How can you receive this empowerment if you don’t come to Me? Make no mistake about it – I will not pour Myself out on anyone who doesn’t want it. But come to Me, hungering and thirsting for righteousness and grieving for the souls of the lost, those bound for hell, and I WILL fill you up.

      "Time is short. Billions are headed for eternal damnation and yet My people, MY PEOPLE, go on as if they have eternity to fulfill the Great Commission. Put away the distractions of the world. Take up your arms and gird your loins for battle. Remember your enemy is hungry for souls too. Stand in the gap. Wield your swords in for them. Speak words of life and love to them. Tell them about Me and what I did for them. Tell them of My love for them. Tell them there is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. Speak of eternity. I have placed it in every man’s heart, even though some deny it. They know, they know deep down because I have placed it there just as My word says. They know there is a Creator but they don’t know how much I love them. Tell them, please TELL THEM FOR ME! Then fall at My feet to be refreshed again. I WILL empower you. I WILL strengthen you for the battle. Take authority over the powers of darkness that would lie to them. There is NO SIN I will not forgive. NOTHING is more powerful than the blood of the lamb. Tell them they can be washed clean and be as innocent as a babe. Nothing in all of heaven or earth can keep them from My love if they want it. It is by My love that they live, and move and have their being in the first place.

     "I died for them. I love them, but they not. And why? For many, simply because they do not know how much I LOVE THEM. My word says so, but they do not read My word. You must be the word to them – a living, breathing, walking testament of My love. Don’t worry that you are not perfect. Were My twelve disciples perfect? Yet they saw the world turned upside down by their testimony and the power of My Spirit. What could the handful in this church do if they would lay aside the distractions of this world? Turn your TV’s off and pray. Make that phone call. Write that letter. Make that lunch date and make it purposefully. Plant seeds everywhere you go. And don’t worry if you don’t see the harvest yourself. Perhaps you will harvest where another planted. We are all a team with one goal.

     "Eternity is closing in on some even this night and you know it not. Don’t be afraid. I will give you the words to speak. Pray that I will anoint your tongue and your mind as you share the good news and leave the results up to Me. Don’t wait for a sign everywhere you go – be BOLD. And do not be ashamed of Me. There will be times you will be spat upon, but what is that compared to eternity in heaven? What good does it do to be friendly to someone and not care for their soul? Oh, yes, it does make life more pleasant, but when you lay your head down on your pillow and remember they are headed for hell how pleasant does it seem then? Take chances. Be BRAVE. And surely you will have your reward in heaven.

     "This is not to condemn but to encourage you, for their sake. Where would you be if someone had not been bold with you? Are you not thankful for that now? Remember that as you step out. Remember that I went to the cross for that person just as much as I went to it for YOU.

     "Take courage, for I AM with you. I will show you the secrets of men’s hearts. I will show you how to pray for them. I will show you their hurts and pain and show you how to love them, for My sake. Oh, Beloved, let Me love them through you. I’m depending on you. I need you. I want to bless you and nothing will bless you more than seeing another soul birthed into the Kingdom of God. Revel in it. Rejoice in it. Do a little victory dance over it in the privacy of your closet. There is much joy to be shared over one soul repenting and coming to Me. Know that the angels rejoice with you as do all the saints in heaven. Go with it. Flow with it. And know that I go with you. You will never be alone. My power will flow through you as you share and people will know they have heard from Me through you. And your joy will be full, forever and ever. Amen."

Word Earthquake Received 7 May 2009

My husband and I were in the prayer room at our church praying the quake would not happen. The original Chicago earthquake message was received in that prayer room a few days before. It was received just seconds after a word for a couple in our church that has already come to pass.

Q. What about the earthquake?

A. “Nothing can change it. It is coming. Get ready. My sons and daughters are hearing about this around the world but no one is sounding the alarm due to fear. This nation shall be rocked as never before and shall literally be split in half.* The heavens shall resound with this crack. It shall be heard and felt for miles around. Heaviness is upon the hearts of those I have told. But judgment is coming and it is long past due. I have waited. I’ve extended My love, but to no avail. A few more will repent before the day but only a handful. They are stubborn and stiff-necked and mock My name. They mock My Son Whose name is holy and not to be defiled. But they use it every day as a curse and drag it through the mud. Their violence and hatred has reached a pinnacle. It is far worse than in the days of Noah. I have stayed My hand because of the intercessors I have there. But no more. The time for judgment has come and I shall let it fall with a thunder. Pray for those who will still repent.”

*When He said this I could see the nation split down the Mississippi River. Devastating quakes have hit the river before along the New Madrid Fault and geologists predict they will happen again.

Word from the Lord(concerning war on our - USA - soil)Received May 6, 2009

      “It will be a long, dark night. It will be a struggle to survive. But I am preparing your spirit to withstand this. It will seem hopeless at but do not give up, for I AM with you. I will keep you at peace and still your heart because you have waited upon me and gladdened My heart with your praises. You shall continue to do so as it gladdens your heart as well. You will need to do this to survive and not give up in despair. Hard times are coming, so hard you cannot imagine. But you will survive, you and all the others who do not cease to praise My name. I will comfort you. I will be there for you. I will take care of you in the land of famine. You will be amazed at how I can do this. Yes, prepare, but even that will not be enough to carry you through. This is going to be a long haul. It will not be over overnight. But you must endure for the sake of My Name. I will uphold you. I will care for you. You must not be afraid. The devil would have you give up in fear, but you must not. You must stand up and be brave and I WILL conquer the evil one. I will overcome as I have overcome already. You will see it before your own eyes. You will see the miracles of God as the Israelites did in the wilderness. You will come to know Me in a new and exciting way, as your Savior and Provider unexcelled. I will comfort you in your time of trouble as long as you continue to praise Me and come to Me for comfort, as I will be your sole source of comfort in these last days. They are going to be wicked, evil days. But I WILL be there for you.

     "Come to Me for rest. Come to Me for strength. Come to Me for laughter. Come and abide in Me for the days will be horrific at times. You will not know what to do. But I will know what to do and I will tell you what to do if you take the time to listen. Nothing will be more important than listening in these last days. You must hear My voice if you are to survive and come out victorious. You must acknowledge Me in all you do. Do not make a decision without consulting Me first. None. I will show you the way to go, when to run and hide and when to stand up in the face of evil bravely. You must come under My umbrella of wisdom and provision if you are to survive. You must come to Me for all you need.

     "You must not step away and join with the world even though it seems tempting at times. Stay with Me and walk with Me, for this is your means to survival. All flesh shall bow to but you are receiving this because you have already bowed you knees to Me humbly. Share it with the congregation that will receive this. Share it though they do not receive it in their hearts. No one wants to believe this peace is coming to end, but it is. Trust Me in this. You must prepare. War is coming and it will not be pretty. I will protect those who love Me. I will provide for them in miraculous ways. But you must stay close to Me and do not get distracted by the ways of the world.

     "You are to warn the masses though they will not listen to you. This has been true of My prophets in the past and it is still true today. But they will see these things come true before their eyes and they will know I have spoken to you of these things. They will be ashamed that they did not listen nor prepare for the events to come. They will weep and wail at their stubbornness and their ignorance and only then will they repent. They say God does not speak like this anymore, but they do not know Me as you know Me. They will be sorrowful but their sorrow will cease as I return in the clouds just as I left this earth. I will return and take My beloved with Me before the great and terrible day of the Lord. I will not let My beloved see this day as they are too precious to me. I will hide them in the shadow of My wings to see evil no more. Never more will they struggle to survive, but I will be their all in all. I will be their bridegroom and I will pour out My blessings upon them on the other side. They have no idea what I have prepared for them. Their time of trouble will seem small compared to the joys and wonders I have prepared for them. Their memory of this time will fade and only joy will await them. I have spoken these things and they are worthy and true. So stand still and see the mercy and wonders of the Lord on your behalf.

     “You have been warned. Now take this warning to others before it is too late. Even though many of them will not heed warn them anyway. Some will listen and some will prepare and those are the ones I will continue to provide for, as they listened to the words of my prophet I will bless them. The others will have to face things as they can. I love them, but I will not do for them as the others if they disregard the warnings I have sent. So sound the call. Make it loud and clear. And though they reject you as they did my prophets before, do not take it personally. Do not take it to heart. Just pray for them that they will reconsider before it is too late. Pray that they will bow their knees to Me before I come for them.

     “I am coming for the church but many are not ready. They say they serve Me but they do not. I do not know them. They say they are doing things for Me but they are doing things for themselves and their own glory, for the praise of men. And though they do receive praise from men they will receive no praise from Me for I do not know them. Their time is coming to weep and wail. But you will not because I have warned you and you will listen and sound the call. You will rejoice in the day I come for you because you and others will be ready. You have bowed your knee to no other and have loved My Name; therefore I will protect you and provide for you. You will rejoice yet in the land of the living and truly on the other side.

      “Be prepared. Get ready. Get your house in order. It is coming soon. I have spoken and it is so. Get ready. Selah.

     “Share with them that war is coming and that they must prepare. Food and water. Prepare to be strong in My Spirit. Prepare to love and care for others as never before. Prepare to come under attack from within and without. Prepare to be lights to the nation and do many miracles in My name. You will survive by miracles in the near future."

Word Chicago Earthquake Received 3 May 2009

     Since January I have known that something significant is going to happen in June of this year – 2009. I did not know if it was something personal or for others. I had begun praying about it at the end of April. June was confirmed to me. Then April 30 I received the word “devastation” and then May 1 I received “the 9th” and then May 3 I received the following:

     “June 9th there will be a “Wake Up Call” to the nation. Chicago is full of pride and violence. 9.5 on the Richter Scale.* Chicago will no longer exist; New York is next and then Los Angeles. This will draw people to their knees. I am sick of the pride and arrogance of these cities. They think they are wise but they are fools. They serve the god of Mammon and disdain Me. Therefore, I will purge them from the earth. Only a few of My select saints will be spared, those who have not bowed their knee to Mammon, but have held onto My word and served Me. It will be a disaster like Earth has never seen before nor ever will again. Their sin is a stench in My nostrils.

“I have waited patiently for them to turn to Me but they would not. They would rather have their cars and their jewels than sit quietly with Me for 5 minutes. Therefore, I will let them have their world as they sit in the dust and wail. Even then many will not turn to Me because of their pride. They will think they can rebuild their little kingdoms but I will see to it that they do not. Maybe then they will turn to Me and come to Me for life abundant.

     “I have warned them. 9-11 was a warning but they cared not. Yes, for a moment, but it was fleeting. Then they turned back to their fancies and extravagant lifestyles and thought of Me no more. But this time their mourning will see no end as there will be such devastation that the world has never seen. It will rock the minds of all who see it and be a warning to them. Pray for repentance in these cities. Pray they would bow their knees before I do it for them. Pray for workers in the harvest to sound the alarm before it is too late.”

     *At first this number did not register. My mind transposed it to 5.9, but the Lord repeated 9.5.

     NOTE: When I received this word I took it to a friend who is prophetic and asked him to run it through his "spiritual feelers." I read it to him and he said he had just had a call from another prophetic friend in another town and the friend had asked him if anyone over here was getting anything about June 9. He told his friend he had not heard of anything. Then I called with the word and that date.

I asked another prophetic connection online if he was getting anything with a particular date and he told me he had heard, "June 9. Judgment, judgment, judgment!" from the Lord. Later he told me that perhaps a decree had gone forth, but we were able to hold it back through intercessory prayer.

     I published the following words on an online prophetic site which had posted the original word: "The 'Chicago Earthquake June 2009' was received by me. I, too, am very suspect of specific prophetic dates and always thought only flaky people did that [usually associated with the Rapture]. But the date was given to me before the whole word about the Chicago earthquake and it was received also in the body of the prophecy. [I did not feel I had a right to edit the word removing the date.] This was the first time I ever heard a word like this. I had received personal words for people, but never anything like this. As a believer who desires to hear the voice of God, I hope I heard correctly. As a human being, I hope to God I am wrong about the whole thing. I had never heard about an earthquake in Chicago before. Everyone always talks about California earthquakes. After receiving the prophecy I wanted to know if anyone else was hearing about this, so I Googled appropriate terms and found that many had been talking about this for decades already. We must earnestly pray for the salvation of all people who will be affected."

     I received a follow-up word to this on May 7, 2009. Though not published anywhere, I received the following information from the Lord sometime later in June of 2009. "Before the earthquakes, there will be an economic crash that will make 1929 look like a walk in the park." Therefore, it is my understanding that the crash will occur first, then the earthquakes, then sometime following the quakes while we are still trying to recover, we will be invaded by foreign troops. The Lord specifically told me Russia would be involved.

     Another prophet who received this word in the 70's, Chuck Youngbrandt, included China in this invasion. Mr. Youngbrandt also spoke of receding waters in Lake Michigan after the quake and then a tsunami following. This would explain a vision the Lord gave me about the quake on May 7, 2009. In this vision, I saw huge skyscrapers reeling and tumbling down. Then I looked down and saw debris and mud everywhere. In the mud, I saw a man's hand sticking out. Questions ran through my head like rapid fire, "Was it just a severed hand, or was it still attached to the person? If it was attached, was the person alive or dead? If he was dead, was he saved?" I never received answers to those questions. But suddenly the loss of humanity overwhelmed me and all I could do was wail in the Spirit. Then in English, I begged the Lord not to do this. I remember crying over and over, "They're not ready! They're not ready!" Many times until June 9 I and several others interceded concerning this judgment asking the Lord to withhold it. I do believe He heard our prayers, but if true repentance does not occur in our nation, it will occur. If anything, we have grown exponentially more wicked. But revival is coming too, and that may change the outcome.

     How do I know this? Scripture substantiates this. In Genesis 18 Abraham is found interceding for Sodom and Gomorrah. Unfortunately, God's terms could not be met, so judgment fell. The point is, He was willing to listen to Abraham's pleas. In the book of Jonah, we see that Jonah was sent to preach judgment on the Ninevites that would fall in forty days. If that's not date-setting, I don't know what is. But the Ninevites repented and judgment was withheld for many years. Even our Savior, Jesus Christ, set a date when He said He would rise after three days in the tomb. He did just that! Hallelujah!

     In researching such prophecies further, I discovered a German Catholic mystic known as Hildegard of Bingen (1098 –1179 A.D.) received a vision that sounds like she could have been seeing the United States of America. "Before the comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scourged by want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent will be devastated by earthquake, storm, and tidal wave. It will be divided and, in great part submerged." We are a great nation made up of people from around the world. The "want and famine" could be due to economic crises and natural occurrences like drought or storms. According to what she saw, the nation would be divided and partly under water. Could she have seen the Chicago/New Madrid quake? Other prophets from the twentieth century say that after the quakes the Mississippi River will vary from thirty-five to two hundred miles across, depending on the altitude of the terrain, which will also change during the quakes. Some have seen all the Great Lakes shifting then draining into the Mississippi River, and even waters from the Atlantic Ocean traversing the St. Lawrence River and emptying into the river as well.

     Prayers and repentance can still stall, lessen, or avert these judgments. We have been warned. What will we do with these warnings?

Walk Like an EChristian


His Voice

The first time I can recall hearing the Lord's voice was when I was barely seven years old. We had moved in New Jersey from an apartment in Morristown to a house in Farmingdale. There, I was finally allowed to have a cat! He was solid black, so I named him Midnight. When he did not come for dinner one fall evening, I knew something was wrong. The next day we found he had been killed by a car on the busy highway in front of our house. As we would do with other unfortunate pets, we placed him in a shoebox and buried him out near the edge of the woods behind our house.

The following summer it occurred to me that I wanted to see Midnight again, so I took a spoon from the silverware drawer and headed towards his shallow grave. It did not take much digging before I reached the top of the shoebox. At that point I heard His gentle voice - "Stop. Don't do that." So I dutifully raked the dirt back over his resting place and patted it down neatly.

At that young age, I had no idea what I would see when the lid came off that box. I had no concept of death and decay, but thought I would see his beautiful black shiny fur again. God knew better. He knew I would be traumatized at the sight of his decrepit remains, so He protected my tender heart. What a kind and loving God we serve!

To this day I don't know why I did not question that command. I did not even realize it was God speaking to me. I just knew the kind, but authoritative voice, was to be obeyed. I am so thankful that I did obey. Glory to God!

Thank You, Lord, for protecting my innocence.

John 10:27

"My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:..."

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