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The Lord asked me to create a new fragrance and to call it “Warrior.” Then it seemed to me that it was so special it needed its own bottle.

“Warrior” fragrance is available in any of our bottles, but we are offering a special WARRIOR bottle in FOUR sizes! Both these bottles are decorated with a brass dagger and a black tassel. The Large bottle (4 ½" high) comes in a white gift box and the Medium bottle (3 ½" high) comes in a gold foil gift box.  Our Small bottle stands 2 1/2" high and holds 1/2 oz. of oil.  The Extra Small bottle is 1 1/2" high and holds 1/6 oz. of oil. Both the Small and Extra Small bottles come in a gold foil gift box and the Extra Small also comes in a black velvet and gold lamé drawstring pouch.

Are YOU a Warrior? If so, this one is for you! Put your armor on and head to the front lines – all hands on deck!
Large: 3 1/3 oz. - $59.99

Medium: 1.7 oz. - $39.99

Small: 1/2 oz. - $12.99

Extra Small: 1/6 oz. - $8.99


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