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Cathy Mart, composer of anointed soaking and worship music

     Anointed music on this anointing oil site is provided by Cathy Mart, a gifted musician and composer. The piece we have on several pages is "Healing Wings" from her Plumage CD. The current piece is "Finding Peace" from her newest CD, He Restores My Soul. She also has another awesome CD called Releasing the Dove. Any of them may be purchased at CD Baby or iTunes.

Cathy lives in Charleston, SC with her husband and four children. She has always loved music and began writing songs in 2000. She leads worship for the prayer and healing ministry at her church, and has a heart for the hurting. She also has a desire and passion to see people come face to face with God through intimate worship.She recently became interested in “soaking prayer.” It used to be called meditation, or waiting on the Lord. It is basically spending time with God, without any agenda of your own Letting Him do most of the talking, and believing that by spending quality time with Him, we can grow to be more like Him. She believes we need to learn how to be still and wait upon the Lord, especially in our hectic society. It has transformed her life and brought her into a deeper communion with the Lord. The music she writes comes from this place of intimacy where there is fullness of joy, love, healing, and peace.

PLEASE NOTE: iTunes may still have her music listed as "New Age" because they didn't have the category of "Soaking Music".  I assure you, this is 100% Holy Ghost Jesus music.

Finding Peace
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