LION OF JUDAH Fine Anointing Oil - Samples - Campbellsville, KY
LION OF JUDAH - Fine Anointing Oil


NOW EIGHT Sample Vials
           Our new larger vials hold 2ml of oil and are easier to open and close!

Eight 2 ml Vials
Price: $5.99
                 Don't know how to anoint? Click here.

Descriptions of fragrances are here.

Ask about our personalized labels!


Mini metallic pouches for one or two sample vials.

- adorable little favors -

Call to order these at 270-789-3249

     Mini pouches with two vials (your choice of fragrances) are $1.25 each, which includes USPS First Class Shipping. Or, you may order a pouch with just one vial for $0.85. These make adorable little favors for conferences and are handy for missions teams, choirs, deacon teams, etc. Our new vials hold twice as much oil (2ml) and are easier to open and close.

     We require a minimum order of 15 pouches.

     These need to be invoiced directly through PayPal because ordering through the site would add extra shipping fees.  Just tell us which fragrances you would like and how many you need and we will send an invoice through PayPal.

     PLEASE NOTE: We are having difficulty locating a new source for these mini pouches in the metallic colors so we may have to change to the see-through organza pouches at some point.  Please check with us before ordering.

Lion of Judah Fine Anointing Oil
Israeli Holy Oil

Healing Wings by Cathy Mart
Plumage CD by Cathy Mart
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